Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When i was pregnant

All i can say about me being pregnant was that i love it but at the same time i didn't becasue i felt FAT. (LoL) Im proud of my self cause i know that im a really good mom doughter, and student too. All i want to do right now is continue going to school so i can graduate, so i can offer my son a good future and going to college.
I love my beautiful son. He's name is Jr and he is 2 yrs old.

143 JR ! ! ! ! !

What is a Posada?

Las Posadas represents the troubles that Joseph and Mary faced in finding a room when traveling to Bethlehem. In it, groups of children and adults go from house to house singing a traditional song requesting lodging (posada). In each house, the owner responds with refusal (also in song), until they reach the designated site for the party, where the owner recognizes Mary and Joseph and allows them to come in. Latin American countries have continued to celebrate this holiday to this day, with very few changes to the tradition.
These Posadas are a re-enactment of the search by Jesus's two parents, Joseph and Mary for lodging prior to Jesus' birth. Typically, each family in a neighborhood will schedule a night for the Posada to be held at their home, starting on the 16th of December and finishing on the 25th.

Dhyannalicious & Maggylicious !